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Here at Rescue Alert of California™, we are always looking for great ways to connect seniors and caregivers with the advice they need to live healthy, independent and fulfilling lives. Being in the senior industry, we are excited by any opportunity to better the lives of seniors, and the lives of those who better the lives of seniors.

This is where the “Tip Jar for Seniors” movement was born.

We want all of you who have learned a great tip you think all seniors should know to share that with us. Whether you heard it at work, you learned it from personal experience, or you read it in a book, a magazine, or a newspaper, share it with us! We want tips from experts in the industry, from those who have aging parents or grandparents, for those who’ve ever cared for a relative– the more tips, the better!

The “Tip Jar for Seniors” is for life.

This began as a monthlong contest– but we’ve received so many great tips that we were moved to keep it going. Now, the movement is a permanent part of Rescue Alert of California’s™ effort to better the lives of the elderly. This means we need participation to keep this momentum going!

We need you to help us find 1,000 great tips for our seniors!

When you share your tip with us, you’re sharing it with our network of followers: this network is full of families and adult children caring for aging parents. They mostly learn the lessons of caregiving the hard way, while taking care of an aging relative. Seniors who are adapting to the sometimes difficult process of aging are also running into new difficulties as they become older, and many have nowhere to turn for information.

By sharing your tip, you’re making a difference in the lives of seniors!

Your senior tips will be gathered into a great resource for seniors and caregivers, and shared with our network through our social media, through online publications and whitepapers, the newsletter and our senior resources blog.


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