Our Mobile Senior Alert Button Calls 911

RA 911 Mobile Emergency Alert

Peace Of Mind On The Go, help Or Away From Home 

Rescue Alert of California’s RA911 is an effective solution to give your aging parent all the personal freedom they need without compromising their safety. With functions that are essentially similar to those of a mobile phone, tadalafil the RA911 will work in any location even when you are away from home. It will call the response center from your location, cialis just like a mobile phone.

Works Like A Cell Phone, Tracks Your Location, Calls For Help

Our senior alert button is a mobile medical alarm calls 911 during medical emergenciesIt is also a cost-effective add-on to your existing senior alert subscription. With Rescue Alert of California, for example, adding the RA911 to your existing subscription of the medical alert system (wearable panic button and home base unit) only entails an additional $10 monthly.

If you are in an emergency situation, then you need Rescue Alert of California’s – RA911. One button push operations makes the senior alert button easy to use! It works like a cell phone, which means it works anywhere you have reception. Simply press the red button on the side of the pendant necklace and RA911 will call an Emergency dispatcher who can track your location and get someone there to help.

RA-911 is the answer to the question, “How can I be protected when I leave my house?” Now you can rest assured that help is just a push of a button away. Great for seniors, children and anyone who may need to contact help quickly when away from home.
RA911 is an extra $10 a month if bundled with any of our payment plans, or it’s $25 a month alone.

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Why Do You Need A RA911?

Easy To Use Elderly Alarm  You Can Use On The GoMost senior alert systems you may encounter are those that are designed to work in a stationary location. The home base unit alarm system usually has a limited wireless range—up to 600 feet—which means the wearer (usually an aging parent) may not stray beyond that range to make sure that their panic button will still work in case an accident occurs. The reality, is that not all seniors are home-bound—many of our elders lead normal active lives in the community despite whatever medical condition they may have. This situation puts the caregiver on the horns of a dilemma: on one hand, you have an aging parent who may be at constant risk of a medical emergency and who still wants to live life as they want it; whereas on the other hand, you want to let your aging parent enjoy their senior years as much as possible.

The cost effective solution, is using a senior alert system with mobile capabilities. This personal alert system is essentially similar to the home-based personal emergency response system that a person wears as a bracelet or a necklace, but this one is not confined to the range of the base unit as it relies on the existing grid of airwave signals that mobile phones use. What this means is that the senior can be allowed to go wherever they please—to church, to the corner grocer, or the park—and you would not have to worry about them.

There are many such emergency senior alert buttons that are out in the market, and not all of them are equipped with the same mobile tracking technology. At its most basic, such “anytime, anywhere” senior alert systems use at least the same capabilities a typical mobile phone has. However, the advantage with the mobile device is that once the senior presses the panic button, the response and monitoring center will be able to track the exact location of the subscriber. This is important especially in cases in which the senior figures in an accident and is unconscious or unable to speak.

The importance of a senior alert with mobile technology is underlined by the fact that most seniors are afflicted with some form of cognitive impairment, such as dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. While caregivers would love to give their senior loved ones all the leeway they want, they cannot deny the fact that seniors are exposed to very real dangers when they go out alone. Those whose aging parents suffer from dementia are very much aware of such danger. Against such a backdrop, the usefulness of an alert system that allows the wearer to go wherever they want can be fully appreciated.

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