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Medical Alert For Senior Citizens For Medical Emergencies

Medical Alert Alarm for Seniors In Need of Medical Assistance

Medical Alert – Why You Need One

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A medical alerts are a low cost way of securing the safety of our aging loved ones. A medical alarm system from Rescue Alert of California represents the latest advancements in technology—from their robust, waterproof construction and design and ease of usage, to the highly trained dedication of the men and women manning the monitoring and response centers.

The following are just some of the considerations you must face regarding the seniors in your life.

Facts Concerning Seniors:

  • Many seniors die from accidental falls that occur in their home
  • Medical emergencies happen in a matter of moments—a few minutes of delay in the arrival of a rescue team can be fatal
  • The cost of placing an aging parent in a nursing facility is becoming more and more beyond the reach of ordinary American families
  • With your own family responsibilities, it is simply not possible for you to attend to your aging loved one 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  • You love your aging parent and you would do anything to ensure their safety and welfare

Medical Alert Related Facts:

  • The lives of thousands of seniors are saved every year by elderly alarm systems
  • An alert system is inexpensive. The cost of having a medical alert system is less than 50 cents a day—exceedingly much more affordable than placing your senior loved one in a nursing facility.
  • The best medical alerts have a proven track record of speed, efficiency, and accuracy in assisting to emergencies
  • Our system uses only highly trained, professional Emergency Medical Dispatchers who have undergone the same stringent training as 911 dispatchers

How large is the role played by medical alert systems in keeping our aging loved ones safe? We need only to look into data from Rescue Alert of California’s own monitoring and response center: in 2011 alone, the center responded to more than 3 million emergency alerts and was directly involved in saving tens of thousands of lives.

Giving Seniors some form of control—Safely & Economically

It has been shown in studies that it is important for seniors to retain some control over their lives—nothing could debilitate them more than living every single day as a helpless, totally dependent person. But while we, as their caregivers, would love to give them what they want, we could not just do so without ensuring their safety.

Rescue Alert of California’s medical alerts provide an inexpensive, incredibly efficient means of protecting the lives of the elderly while fulfilling their desire for continued independence. The system is designed to provide a speedy response to a medical emergency: a press of the wearable panic button, and instantly a qualified EMD is online, attending to and determining what help is needed as soon as possible.

Aside from providing top of the line medical alert, Rescue Alert of California also offers complementary accessories and service options that are meant to give you complete peace of mind and to give your aging loved one a better quality of life.

Senior Alarm Systems

There are many advantages of owning a medical alarm. If you or a loved one would get peace of mind, knowing that help is just the push of a button away, call us today. Rescue Alert of California would be happy to take the time to answer any questions you have about our products, accessories and our system.

Call Us Today – 888-222-2304

Medical Alerts For Older Adults

With a Medical Alert, you too can have peace of mind for less than $1 a day.

We offer different options based on your needs and we can customize additional services if you also need peace of mind away from your home, call in reminders to take medications, or just to check on a loved ones welfare.

Don’t wait until an emergency happens, order our senior rescue system today get peace of mind and rest easy knowing that your loved one is safe.


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