How do I order?

Please call Rescue Alert at 1-888-222-2304 or visit our order now page on the home page to place your order online. Rescue Alert ships your order within 1-3 days of placing the order.

Do you have a panic button that works in my car?

Yes! Ask us about our Mobile GPS device that can be taken anywhere, anytime you leave the home. It will work in the car, at the grocery store, or if you go on long walks.

How will my responders get into my home?

We recommend that a key is hidden in an obscure location or purchase one of our KeySafe Lockboxes. Notify the Response Center of the hidden key or location of the lockbox so they can provide accurate information in the event an emergency occurs.

What if I am outside and you cannot hear me?

If the alert system is activated and we are unable to establish voice contact with the subscriber we will follow protocol on your account and call the appropriate responders to respond to the home.

Is my help button waterproof?

Yes! The button can be completely submerged underwater and it will still work.

Are your Response Center Attendants medically trained?

Yes! All of our Response Center Attendants are Emergency Medical Dispatcher (EMD) Certified.

I have a VOIP Phone Service or a Magic Jack will your system work?

Yes! Our MXD model alert system is compatible to work with both VOIP and Magic Jack telephone systems.

How do I know if my medical alert system is working?

Press your personal help button at anytime of the day and let the Response Center attendant know your testing when they come on the line.

If I move can I take my Rescue Alert with me?

Yes! When you get to your new location just simply plug the medical alarm system back in and test the alert system. The 24 Hour Response Center Attendant can update your information at that time.

Can I get help if the power fails?

Yes! Rescue Alert uses a rechargeable back-up battery that provides uninterrupted service for up to 90 hours after the power goes out.

Does it work without a landline?

Yes! You will need the MXD3G medical alert system that provides a base unit that works off of AT&T cellular network.

How much does Rescue Alert cost?

Please see our pricing page to determine which product will fit your needs.